Reasons Why I want to live and work in Japan


I believe one of the top 5 dream destination of every person in the planet is Japan. I dream before to see Sakura trees with their majestic flowers blooming in a bright and sunny day. That dream came true when we came here as a tourist and explored beautiful destinations. Fortunately, the Japanese Immigration granted us visa to live and work here so we could further our dream destinations.

One of the main reasons why we want to live and work here is to earn money and learn Japanese culture and language. My husband and I are hardworking people and we believe that our effort will not be wasted here. As we earn and pay our taxes here, the money we earn will be congruent to our effort. The taxes we will pay as we earn and spend money here, goes to efficient services we foreigners enjoy very much.

I love the four seasons, beautiful cities, very polite, kind, and helpful people, low crime rate, and delicious foods are enough reasons to stay, work hard, and enjoy Japan for a while. I want to earn money, save it for me and my husband’s future travels to the different parts of Japan. As we travel, I would take many pictures, write blogs of experiences, and share it to my friends and relatives.

I aim to speak Japanese fluently in a year, learn Hiragana and Katakana on my 2nd year, and be able to write Kanji alphabet on my 3rd year living in Japan. I plan to review on my 4th year here and take JLPT exams so I could teach Japanese language to my fellow foreigners.

I love the quiet-peaceful loving people here in Japan; I want to emulate their hardworking and precise working attitude also. I am happy with Japan’s ‘Mottainai’ culture- respecting things, and that is why I am helping at my Aunt’s recycle shop marketing still functional and beautiful items here in Japan and in the Philippines ( ).

I wish to live and work here for at least 5 years, to contribute value also, while I learn Japanese language and culture. I hope to write my book and share all my experiences in Japan someday, and working here is the best medium of experience I could have.





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