5 Reasons Why Own A Lampshade


source: http://www.elledaniel.com

Long time ago, to disguise the intense electric light, lampshades was used. Today, according to Disha Bathija (http://www.lifehacker.co.in), lighting has the following purposes:

Ambient lighting is the basic background of light for almost every room in the home, especially the kitchen, living and family rooms. Accent lighting allows you to highlight and accentuate certain areas or objects in a given room. Task lighting makes work easier on the eyes, and allows the individual to better concentrate on the job at hand. Task lights focus light in a particular direction or area, without casting any glare. Decorative lighting serves little purpose other than to look pretty. It is more of a statement than a source of light.

As for me, these are the practical and funny reasons I can think why we need a lampshade at home.

  1. Source of light while reading. Are you a person who loves to read before going to sleep? Then buy a lampshade, because it reduces your consumption of electricity and help your eyes read.
  2. Source of courage to ‘pee’ at night. During midnight, if you need to ‘pee’ you don’t need to stumble and switch on the room’s main light, which is far from your bed. Click the lampshade and in an instant the little lamp provides the light you need to see where to pee (if you are not sleeping with your mobile phone).
  3. Keeps the monster away. Some people are afraid of total darkness like me. We cannot sleep without a little light seeping. We need small light when we open our eyes at night. That is why we need a little source of light like a lampshade at night.
  4. Room decor. Not only a source of light but a source of delight also, when you have a cute and fancy lampshade. If we see beautiful things in our rooms, our mood improves and lightens moreover if it’s lighted. Isn’t it?
  5. Environmentally friendly. Imagine the wattage you will save when reading for an hour using a lampshade instead of the big light. Switching the small lamp frequently is better than switching the room’s main light often, right? I think it is environmentally friendly to consume less energy. What do you think?

Comment below to add more if you think your lamp shade is cool. If you don’t have, buy or order now at Jovy’s Recycle Shop.


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