5 Things I like While Staying in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan

We’re here in Japan before the beautiful Spring time. My husband and I traveled overseas for the first time to see the Sakura (Cherry blossoms) blooms, and visit our family here in Kanagawa-ken, Japan. The experience is really amazing and overwhelming. As of this post, we are looking forward to the Sakura festivals and spring time adventure we will undertake:)

While staying here, there are five things I really notice worth sharing.

1. Friendly and polite Japanese people
We are blessed immensely that our family have Japanese friends because they are really helpful, kind, and fun to be with. Aside from our family’s Japanese ‘in’ friends, I noticed that Japanese are friendly and polite during my visit to their public parks and shrines. The Japanese people whom I asked information patiently helped me, explained what should I do if I go inside the temple in English, and showed the directions to my next destination.

2. I met many Filipinos and other Asian people
Among the Asian people I met were from Nepal, Pakistan, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Peru, and Malaysia in addition to many Filipinos from different parts of the Philippines. I encountered them as co-attendees in a seminar, acquaintance of our Japanese friend, and clients at my aunt’s recycle shop. I am amazed because they know how to speak fluent Japanese and English. I found them awesome, which encouraged me to work very hard in studying Japanese language.

3. I experienced raining of snow
Did you experience running playfully under the rain? Well I experienced running around while the snows were falling from the sky. It was awesome! Though we were a little bit weird because we were the only loud crowd at the park, we did not care. It was our first time to see the actual raining of snow. We were lucky and happy to came here in Japan.

4. I eat a lot of sushi at a ‘Tabehodai’ restaurant
In the Philippines, we have unli-rice, eat-all-you-can restaurants. Here in Kawasaki City, I ate a lot of o-sushi, grilled meat (pork, chicken, beef),ramen, udong, pasta, salad, desserts, drinks like juice, cola, tea and coffee,  among others (sugoi ippai). At Yakiniku restaurant (Square Market) in Kawasaki-shi, near a horse racing stadium, we ate for an hour all the food offered and we could digest.

The rate is 1000-2000 yen per person depending on the client’s age. In my understanding, older person pays more than younger people because of their capacity to eat. In our one month stay here, we went there more than once, and I think I gained weight because of that. The food and drinks were great, affordable, and convenient.

5. Recycle shops are great to visit and take home presents
I found many unique and affordable items as I visited different recycle shops. Some recycle shops offer much higher prices than others.

In my Aunt’s recycle shops (https://www.facebook.com/JovyRecyclenKabayanStore/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel), I found beautiful and stylish ceramics, fiber glasses, stainless steel, and interesting items like old vases, electric appliances, and kitchen utensils. I want to bring them all home though some are bulky I could not take it. I found cute electric pots; cooking wares for tempura and sandwich; electric and gas heater; and flask for hot and cold coffee. I think I will buy a fruit and vegetable juicer and stripper to work on our healthy living diet.

Until we went back to the Philippines, I will try to visit all free parks and shrines here in Kanagawa, take photos, and update you all.


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