5 Dramatic Experiences in Promoting Mechanical Transplanter


Why I personally advocate farm mechanization?

As a researcher and farmer, to lower labor cost in producing rice and other crops.

As a young person, to make farming attractive, easy, and fun-that could motivate me in engaging to Agribusiness passionately which serve farmers.

Being an Agripreneur-aspirant, I want to deliver services that could serve the best interest of my target clients.

I would like to share dramatic learning experiences in our attempt to promote farm mechanization, in aid to government thrust to promote farm mechanization for the improvement of Philippine Agriculture. Below are the top 5 dramatic experiences we dealt with;

  1. The resistant community inspires us to understand them. There is still resistance from the community, and we tried our best to understand them well. We listened to many people and patiently explained to them that farm mechanization is inevitable, and necessary to maintain rice farming competitiveness.
  2. Not all machines are suitable to every target field. This issue educated us to seek location specific machines. Find additional support group, and cautious to different field conditions.
  3. Our lack of experience and confidence drives us to learn more and seek help. Thanks to private individuals who pioneered in providing farm mechanization services, we gathered information and first hand education from them in addition to government training and references from the internet and books.
  4. The difficulty in training labor team encourages us to seek young people for help. Although it was challenging to train young laborers, we put our faith in them to deliver good results.
  5. Our lack of operating capital did not stop us to venture in providing mechanical transplanting services to specific areas. We are convinced that in order to effectively promote farm mechanization, we must experience it first-hand. We aggressively availed loans and owed kind people money and machines to realize our initial venture as service provider of mechanical transplanting.

Our intentions were good resulted to abundant support, trust, guidance, and encouragement from various great individuals. We learned invaluable lessons from them that no amount of money can compensate.

To all our hardships (harsh weather, unfriendly people), pains (back, body, brain, financial), tears (frustration and joy), and laughter (stress, fun, and silly), we still felt blessed in many ways. Until now we feel grateful to various individuals who believed and encouraged us. It motivates us to sincerely find MORE ways to help farmers every day.

Our team’s seedbed preparation, care, and management.

Different machines were tested to find the best transplanter for difficult field conditions.

Mechanical rice transplanting in action.

The team may have separated after the initial enterprise’s operation, but the memories remain.

Transplanted rice fields were able to attain good harvest, and majority of farm owners were happy.

Thanks to Philippine Rice Research Institute, Mr. Vicente R. Galvez, Ms. Chariz Magallones Obra, our special team (who now have their own thing), and most especially to our dear farmer-clients (2015-2016).


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