5 Reasons Why Being a Female in Agriculture is Awesome

Another amazing reason why I love Agriculture:)

Western Illinois University School of Agriculture

Growing up on a corn and soybean farm in rural west central Illinois, I learned at a young age that it is “cool” to be a farmer. In elementary school, my fellow classmates and I would come to class and share our own unique stories. Most of the stories consisted of riding in the combine with dad, taking a load of grain to the elevator with grandpa, or being mom’s side-kick and taking the guys dinner during harvest. At the time, we thought we were big stuff.

At that young age, I never thought I would actually choose a career in agriculture. However, here I am majoring in agriculture in college. I had hopes of being a school teacher, a doctor, or even better, the first female president of the United States. As I got older, I came to the realization that agriculture is much broader than what I thought…

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