12 Good Things at Mr. Nitura’s Ceremonial Transplanting


What are the good things happened today?

Aside from a great weather, it is not raining nor shining brightly, today is the ceremonial rice transplanting of an innovative farmer.

Mr. Francis Nitura is a modern farmer and owner of FDN Gamefarm at Ballesteros, Aurora, Isabela. He manages 80+ hectares of rice field. Due to problems regarding manual labor especially rice transplanters and to lower his cost of production, he was convinced to buy mechanical transplanter from ADAMCO. He showcased today 12 good things I would like to share:

  1. Mr. Nitura is the epitome of a modern farmer. He embraces technology and mechanization to the fullest by planning to become a fully mechanized service provider.
  2. He exhibited the ability to be transmitter of farm knowledge to his neighbors, friends, and colleagues.
  3. Mr. Francis Nitura is a good and influential farmer because of his experience, openness, and linkages.
  4. He started now to provide service to his neighboring farms using mechanical transplanter and the dapog system of seeding.
  5. He is a good collaborator evidenced by the attendance of LGU officials (current and past), farmer-clients, neighboring farmers, private companies, National Irrigation Authority (NIA) officials, DA-LGU staff, and PhilRice staff.
  6. He showed that he is a good demonstrator of machines as he explains well the pros and cons of having one, and his system of using them in his farm enterprise.
  7. He demonstrated good adaption of technologies. He accepted, tried to adopt technologies without reservation, and innovated for his own improvement.
  8. There was a fun interaction of topics between farmers and speakers during the event.
  9. The effects of ASEAN trade to farmers were explained.
  10. Farmers were informed about Associated technologies of DA-IRRI- PhilRice projects.
  11. New products from private companies (YARA and BioSolutions) were introduced which are beneficial to farmers.
  12. The local government officials of Aurora showed strong support to farm mechanization.

The event was successful attended by more or less 50 farm owners and laborers. All went home with a smile and load of information in their heads. Hopefully, they will apply it seriously in their field to achieve high crop yield.

Jia You (加油)!

Ganbatte  (頑張って )!

Everyone listens well to Mr. Nitura’s experiences and explanations regarding his farm                                                                                      operations.

The farmers’ shared banters and discussion happily and informatively. Everybody                                                      seems interested and engaged to the event.

The demonstration took place and witnessed by the participants who attended.

They listened well to the lectures presented to them and ask questions.


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