Idle thought: Time is a Luxury



Having time to do what you love from simple to complicated things is very precious.

Often money can’t buy the contentment, happiness, and pleasure from spending time to one’s liking.

You have a time for a long bath and scrub, it’s a luxury nowadays especially for students and young workers who always in a hurry.

You have time to sleep more than 7 hours for beauty and health purposes is like eating the most delicious cake in the world.

You have time to stay at home, eat anything you want; watching TV or cuddling your husband/lover/boyfriend (not just sleeping at night) for more than 2 hours during day time is like winning the lottery nowadays.

For people ages 25-40 years with husbands/wives and kids, it is a luxury to have time for their selves.

“Time and silence are the most luxurious things today – Tom Ford”

It is also a luxury to be given time by another person.

Time is noted to be equal with money, value, and love. When people you love most spend more time with you-you feel loved and important. The feeling is a luxury.

Let us cherish our time to the fullest as much as we breathe.

I think the older I get the more I realize that the ultimate luxury is time  – Michael Kors”



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