Inner thoughts of Too much

Too much of something is really addicting.

These past few months, I quitted my stressful job to find the job I love too much to quit.

Also, to regain my motivation, to find inner peace, and hopefully to get pregnant (I’m married).

I think I want a child of my own but I’m scared (I’m not really ready yet).

I had too much sleep but too little reason to eat more.

I had too much time to watch Asian dramas but too little time to clean the house.

I read too much novels, articles and books but too little anxiety.

I poured too much sweetness and cheesyness to my husband but too little time to meet others.

Ah, too much of something.

Too much Asian dramas, I am addicted to learn Chinese Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, and Thai language.

Too much books, I am addicted to the idea of becoming a writer (I started to conceptualize my plot).

I had too many plans, yet too little confidence to execute them.

I have sit and lazed too much, too little energy to shape, get fit, and sexy.

I hope I can be too much in exercising my body…to be addicted in health and fitness.

That would be great, isn’t it?

Good thing is I have been reflecting too much about my life.

Having this period of my life is a too much luxurious blessing from God, and from my husband:)


I found this poem from…

I like it, i hope you like it too:)


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