10 Business Ideas for Nagtipunan, Quirino

We went to Nagtipunan, Quirino a day before Valentine’s Day. It was a 2.5 hour drive from Santiago City, Isabela. We went to Diamond Cave and Bimmapor. The cave experience was awesome however the whole place needs other attraction and activities to make their effort and expense in coming to the far municipality justifiable or “sulit”.

Here are 10 business ideas that could be set up at Diamond Cave and Bimmapor.

  1. Rental of small flash light. Inside the cave was darkness. So the visitor could appreciate it if he has his own flashlight. It will help also to light the way and to prevent injury while trailing inside the cave.
  2. Rental of life vest/ salbabida. Inside the cave there are areas with water that could be trailed if given a life vest or “salbabida”.
  3. Store of medicine (band-aid, paracetamol, for high blood, alcohol, related to first aid), small towel, farmers/fashion hats. The items mentioned is necessary to prevent injuries, sometimes visitors need towels and hats because they forget to bring. A hat is necessary when going to tour around and going to Bimmapor River.
  4. Food cart selling boiled banana, rice cake, hotdog, pop corn, native snacks. After the caving experience, the visitor is hungry so he will be delighted to buy native snacks.
  5. Flower nursery. This will be for attraction and selling purposes. The area needs flowers to brighten and beatify. Mothers will buy potted flowers like sunflowers, gumamela, orchids, and many more. The area is ideal also for cultivating Chrysanthemum because of abundant water and low temperature.
  6. Installation of Zip line and cable car. Adventurous people will love to pay and ride on zip line and cable car.
  7. Rental of All Trail Vehicle or ATV. In both Diamond and Bimmapor area.
  8. Souvenir store of key chains, unique stones and items (as low as 10/pc)
  9. Hanging Trail bridge. Visitors will rent in order to walk and challenge their self.
  10. Garbage collections. Every visitor shall pay additional 10/visit to pay a laborer to collect the garbage thrown or neglected by visitors and maintain the area.

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