Partners meet to redefine The Global Forum


42-©FAOMarco Longari  FAO

The GFAR Partners’ Assembly takes place on 5 April 2016 in Johannesburg, immediately before the GCARD3 event. The Partners’ Assembly brings together representatives of the many Partners in GFAR from around the world and from all sectors concerned. These representatives have already been identified and invited to attend.

Who will be there?

The Partners attending the GFAR Partners’ Assembly represent each sector concerned (farmers, national and international researchers, advisory services, civil society and private sector organizations, universities, youth, women’s groups, consumers, development partners and UN agencies). They come from all regions of the world and globally. Through this Assembly, new mechanisms will be established for rotating representation in GFAR’s governance and ensuring that the representatives of each sector in GFAR’s governance are engaged with, and accountable to, their wider communities.

What will be discussed?

GFAR is now 20 years old and the world has changed. In line with decisions…

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