The Ifugao Fun Project



This trip was affordable, health and experience wise, and tiring but full of fun adventures.

h1I am Cherry and I toured my two friends to my parents’ hometown- Hungduan, Ifugao.

The first stop was at Lagawe, Ifugao. It is the center of the province, of commerce and government.

Lagawe is a fourth class municipality and capital of the province of Ifugao in the Philippines. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 18,077 people (Wikipedia).

The capitol compound has a semi-museum visitors can explore in appreciating the province.

h2There is a nearby Cindy’s store at Lagawe, Ifugao. My cousins and Aunt love the bread I always buy from the store. I ate lunch in a restaurant at Lagawe and they served traditional rice. The rice was 1 cup and I was already full compared to my usual 2 cups at home. It was delicious and very nutritious. Some restaurants charge higher for meals but some are very affordable, I would love to order more:)– because as a traveler, I love food, scenic views of nature and the experience of travelling.

The above picture was taken at Banaue, Ifugao with my friends. We rode at the top of the jeep to enjoy the scenery we pass by. We never felt the 2 long hours going to Hungduan. Everyone agreed that it was fun, stress reliever, and a must experience for every tourist-with extra care of course.

From the top of the moving jeep, we can’t help ourselves to capture some photos (above pictures). Some farmers do put inorganic fertilizers also in their rice terraces as shown in the picture below.


Fortunately, we reach our destination at 5:00 pm and made coffee, ate dinner, and excitedly rested for the weekend journey. We woke up 5:00 am in the morning, cook and ate breakfast, prepared our back packs and headed up. My friend is excited and happy to see fog going away at 7:00 am.


We hiked from lower to higher elevation that served as our warm up. Along the way to our next destination is the scenic views I love.

Hungduan was a recipient of International grants also shown in the next picture. Some farmers were already using small machines in their terrace farming.

There are only small parts of roads which was not cemented, but most of the roads were concrete and conducive for biking or ATV motor biking since most have same elevation.

And more beautiful views were captured and devoured by my friends unstoppable selfies.

Hungduan has two stop semi-park for different purposes.

We imagined how fun it would be if there is a zip line from the nearest mountain to the national high way over looking the terraces. We felt a little bit tired since we walk for 1 hour and 30 minutes until we reached my Aunt’s house. We ate bananas as snack and bread to fill our hungry stomach, then we proceed to Bogyah hot spring via tricycle (20 minutes) and by foot (45 minutes).

Together with my young beautiful cousin, my friends and I untiringly walk, capture photos, and laugh if someone was left behind capturing her selfie picture.

The view going to the hot spring was very good. As for me, a researcher I observed that some farmers practice alternate wetting and drying method which is good for their plant.

Finally, we reach the spring. Though it was not that grand as expected it was mystical.

My friends were a little bit disappointed by the size of the spring pool but when someone told them to say “kulo-kulo/ boil-boil” the water began to emit boiling bubbles and the water temperature rises. Outside the hot spring pool was the icy cold flowing water-my friends can’t tolerate to dip in.


Okey, I don’t know how to edit the picture above, but my friend was happy to help in de-hulling rice.


Ifugao is abundant of “clean” water so practically they can fetch drinking water along the road during travel going out to Banaue, Ifugao.

My friends will surely miss Ifugao- the simple things, serenity, cold temperature, and its beauty. I hope to bring more people in Hungduan and other parts of Ifugao for them to experience the culture of simplicity, survival, trust in God, mystic beauty and more.



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