Soil testing using Minus-One Element Kit in Hungduan, Ifugao

Thirteen years ago, Dr. Tahere A. Sigari, et. al collected samples from Ifugao rice terraces in 3 municipalities (Banaue, Hungduan, and Kiangan) and evaluated for fertility status through 2 methods: a) Minus One element test (MOET) and b) soil analysis (SA).

For the complete result of the study please refer to this link or…/2009/20093019304.pdf.


As for me, I want to see it for myself and to show my relatives the response of traditional rice variety to MOET kit set up in place at Hungduan, Ifugao climatic condition.

Last February 7, 2016, I gathered soil from a nearby terrace with my Aunt Elena and made the set up. After 1 month, I visited the set up and visible response was seen.

moet set up

moet set up1

The set up was planted with 4 plants initially, then after 1 week it was thinned to make each pail have 3 plants only. The thinned plants were placed in a tin can with soil (first can, left side) to serve as control (my cousin’s idea). Before we went for hiking, I arranged the MOET set up like the picture below:


I would like to replicate this in many areas of Hungduan, Ifugao through my personal volunteer project and compile the results for better analysis and conclusion. I will start on June or July 2016 since they have already planted their rice terraces this time.

Since I dream to have a place in Ifugao where I could farm and create a lucrative enterprise, I want to know firsthand the fertility status of the soil and what crops best thrive from it. Hungduan, Ifugao is a great place to spend a season, from March to June, because of low rainfall and cool climate in contrast to lowland areas’ extreme heat and drought.

It is great to spend some time in the mountains:)




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