YAP proposal #66: Machines to improve rice production (Cherry Ann Dumahin-Tapec, Philippines)

#GCARD3 thank you very much:)


machineWho am I? I am Cherry Ann Dumahin-Tapec, 26, a Science Research Specialist I and Business Development Division Coordinator of Philippine Rice Research Institute (Isabela Branch). I belong to the Ifugao tribe of the famous 2000-year old Ifugao Rice Terraces. My parents migrated to another province for better opportunities, leaving behind the terraces. I aspire to be an entrepreneur since I am an Agribusiness graduate. I have more than 4 years experience in Agricultural Research, Development, and production. I believe in agripreneurship for long term development and sustainability of the community. I believe that if monetary incentive will be realized in tending the rice terraces, the Ifugaos will not abandon or migrate to urban areas, leaving the aging farmers behind.

When I went to Ifugao–in my parents’ hometown — I was happy to see improvement on roads and abundance of materials needed to be processed, but there is no financial capital…

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